• Encapsulate

    MXQNutraSpheres™’ small size assures a bioavailability of greater than 90% regardless of the encapsulated component.Nutraceuticals are encapsulated in water soluble liposomes.

  • Mix

    MXQNutraSpheres™ mix easily with anything, making consumption simple. Compared with all other bottled water purification products on the market at present, it has the advantages of Bioavailability, No Degradation, Water Soluble , Stable,Health & Wellness,Versatile Inexpensive, Easy to keep, Easy to eat and high efficiency.

  • Deliver

    MXQNutraSpheres™ survive the journey through the stomach, pass into the intestines with no degradation, fuse and pass through the cell membrane, and deliver their contents to bloodstream

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About Us

MXQ LifeWater Inc. is the U.S. affiliate of MXQ LifeWater Ltd., a substantial health beverage company in Shenzhen, China, headed by Dr. Xiaoqui Ma, a substantial and well-known entrepreneur and head  of several publicly listed investment companies, and Dr. Zhang, a world-renowned nutrition scientist and vice president of Shenzhen University. Dr. Rob Davidson is Chief Executive Officer of MXQ LifeWater Inc., headquartered in New York City with offices and laboratories in California. MXQ LifeWater has introduced a radical breakthrough in health beverages by developing proprietary nano-sphere technology which breaks down the molecules of MXQ LifeWater’s beneficial ingredients into the smallest possible elements, accelerating almost instant adsorption into the bloodstream and thereby providing a wide range of uniquely beneficial aids to the user. 

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